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Seasoned marketing operations professional with a love for automation and data science.


Spent years at Eloqua working with customers to design solutions for their Marketing needs and aspirations. It is those experiences with customers across industries, different companies sizes, team capabilities, facing different challenges that seeded his understanding of the challenges marketers.


The years at Adobe, as the company merged creativity, analytics and digital experiences, ingrained the thinking that everything we do must be tracked and analyzed… and experiences must be thought of holistically not just within one medium. This manifested itself in the change projects he and his team championed in Marketing Operations.


Fully automated Event management, Ongoing testing structure for Nurture programs, Automated Lead Management and Sales feedback processing, Predictive Lead Scoring, tracking and attribution improvement, and projects to unify the user experience.


Working with like-minded peers, he has been able to and will continue to bring to life many of the ideas formed from these past experiences.


Marketers are the critical nexus at every company and must merge creativity, analytics, and the customer experience (digital and in-person).  We must ingrain in every employee, everything we do must be tracked and analyzed. Experiences must be thought of holistically, not just within one medium. 


Marketing Operations has the understanding of the marketer's needs and nuances of what technology can be leveraged to meet those needs.  We are best suited to lead marketing initiatives with the support of IT teams.


Help Marketing Operations Management build best of breed marketing processes and systems that are adaptable to a changing environment.


Topics will include but are not limited to systems and processes for data, predictive analytics, automation, audience management, permissions management, content recommendation, campaign execution systems at scale, lead scoring, sales intelligence and support, reporting and attribution, etc


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